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Katy Roofing FAQs

Q: The tree that stretches out over my house has caused some roof damage. Do you think my insurance company will pay for repairs?
A: Whether your insurance company will cover the repairs to your roof depends a great deal on the cause of the tree damage. If a limb of the tree has broken off in a storm and broken tiles or cracked shingles, the repair may be covered. If your roofing materials have been damaged because you have not trimmed your tree adequately, your insurance company may rule it your fault and refuse to cover the costs.

Q: Does my existing roof need to be removed in order to put on a new roof?
A: In many cases, Katy Roofing is able to install a new roof right over your existing one. This can save both time and money. However, some cases require that we remove your roof entirely and start from scratch. Let us take a look at your particular situation to determine which option your building will require.

Q: What is the least expensive roofing material?
A: Composition shingle or asphalt and rock roofs are usually the least expensive as far as initial materials are concerned. If you are looking for a long-term investment in roofing materials, metal or slate may be a better option. Both are very durable, and though more costly to install initially, may save you money in the long run by lasting years longer.