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Katy Roofing Products and Services

Katy Roofing provides expert roofing services to Katy and the surrounding communities of Fort Bend County. As a general contractor that specializes in roofing, our company has been in the business of keeping Katy’s residential and commercial structures weatherproof and water-tight for over 20 years. We know roofing—any type of roofing—and keep up with the latest technologies, materials, and methods in order to serve our customers better.

Katy Roofing Services
Our expert team of professional roofers has installed new roofs and repaired old ones for over 20 years. We are skilled general contractors who specialize in roofing, having performed a wide spectrum of roofing services for our customers in Katy and its neighboring towns and cities, including:
• Installing roofs on new construction
• Replacing worn or inefficient roofs on old structures
• Renovating existing roofs to make them more attractive
• Inspecting residential and commercial buildings before a purchase or sale
• Providing homeowners and business owners with pertinent information in insurance disputes
• Responding to emergencies quickly and effectively

Roofing experts for over two decades, we have worked on structures with:
• Metal roofs (tin, aluminum, copper, and steel)
• Slate roofs (in an array of sizes and colors)
• Wood shingles and shakes
• Decorative rock on asphalt
• Composite shingles (in various attractive colors)
• Tile (concrete and clay)
• Peaked roofs
• Flat roofs
• Gabled roofs
• A-Frame roofs

Katy Roofing is skilled in repairing, renovating, remodeling, and restoring many different kinds of buildings. These include:
• Residential buildings, such as homes, apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, and guest cottages
• Commercial structures such as churches, stores, shops, offices, roller rinks, sports centers, day care centers, preschools, and medical offices
• Rural buildings, such as ranch houses, barns, farms granaries, horse stables, cow sheds, tool sheds, tack sheds, dog runs, and kennels
• Any kind of structure you can think of!

Katy Roofing Emergency Response
Call Katy Roofing if you have any kind of emergency concerning your roof. We’ll rush out to your location and give your roof a thorough going-over, checking for any of the following:
• Cracked or missing tiles or shingles
• Gaps due to falling trees or power lines
• Hurricane, tornado, gale, or hail damage
• Insect or animal damage
• Blistering or peeling due to sun or wind damage
• Fire or smoke damage or injury to your roof due to firefighting methods or materials
• Any emergency that might affect the integrity of your roof…
Give us a call and Katy Roofing professionals will arrive on the scene prepared to address the immediate problem with temporary solutions. We will then schedule an appointment as early as possible to repair the damage so that your building is good as new.


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